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We offer appliance service repair and parts...in home or in shop service. We have served the Denver area since 1979. Our technicians are factory trained knowledgeable professionals and assist you with service or parts for most major appliances.

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Affordable Microwave Oven Repair

Your home is filled with dozens of useful appliances, many of which are very valuable and thus should be repaired instead of replaced whenever possible. While Americans are likely to call an appliance repair service when their refrigerator or dishwasher malfunctions, some don’t realize that microwaves are also repairable and that microwave repair can save you a lot of money over replacement.

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Repairing vs Replacing Your Microwave

Microwaves may be cheaper than other appliances, so many owners opt to simply throw out a malfunctioning microwave and buy a new one. This is often a poor choice. Consider the following reasons why you should call a microwave repair service:

Fix Small Issues

Often, the damage is very small and localized, and a quick fix can make the microwave good as new.

Save Money

A new microwave will often cost more than microwave repair services, especially if the microwave is valuable. Repair is often a better investment than replacement.

Protect the Environment

When you repair an appliance instead of replacing it, you generate less harmful waste.

Whether you use your microwave daily or only for occasional tasks, it nonetheless plays an important role in your kitchen, so you should make sure it performs well. When it doesn’t, come to Jensen Appliance & Refrigeration Service. We’ll help you save money and enjoy a well-functioning kitchen by repairing your microwave and other appliances.

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Jensen Appliance & Refrigeration Service is factory-certified by many leading appliance manufacturers, so no matter which brand or model of stove you have, we know how to fix it. We always provide you with knowledgeable, professional service.

Is your microwave experiencing problems? We understand that some people don’t want to be stuck in their home while we inspect and repair your appliance, so you can also drop off the microwave with us and we’ll get to it that same day.